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SingleCare is the one health benefit card for unlimited savings.

Healthy discounts

With SingleCare, your members enjoy major savings on the health services they need, including prescriptions, dental, vision and video doctor visits – accessed through our industry leading web site or mobile app.

No monthly fees

Unlike discount card companies, your members pay no subscription fees and no set up fees. Creating an account is free. They'll pay a small fee — included in our online pricing — when they use it. And that's it.

Simple to use

We support multiple ways for your members to enroll, and work with you to develop a communications plan that will make your SingleCare program a success. We also make booking an appointment easy.

We do the work. You take the credit.

With co-branding and private label options available, we can make you look like a star.

Your program. Your way. We make it easy for you to market SingleCare's program your way. With multiple options for marketing and enrollment, we'll help you get the most out of your program.

So what's the catch? There isn't one. Our business model is simple. We work hard to partner with pharmacies and providers, and pass the savings on to your members. They'll pay a small fee when they use the service, which is included in the pricing shown online. So, your employees know what they’ll owe, before they go.

Lots to gain. Nothing to lose.

SingleCare is a great way to build loyalty for your organization; a no-risk, no-hassle way to offer your members a little something extra.

As a nationwide organization, your members can take advantage of our discounts, no matter where they live or travel. And with more than 50,000 people signing up every week, know we have a program that has something valuable to everyone.

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Curious to see how SingleCare works? See how we make healthy savings easy.

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