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The 10 best SingleCare savings today

Check back daily to find the biggest deals

If you’ve ever used SingleCare, you know it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Search on our site (or in the app) for your prescription—adjusting the filters for dose, quantity, and location.
  2. Select the pharmacy with the best price.
  3. Bring your free drug coupon to the counter when you pick up your Rx.

There are lots of ways to save up to 80% on your prescriptions using SingleCare. You can get prescription delivery with GeniusRx, use our prescription discount card on pet Rx, or even for over-the-counter medications

Here’s another technique: Plan to use a coupon on one of these 10 cheapest drugs. When you keep an eye on this page, you know you’ll be saving the most.

*Prices vary by dose, quantity, pharmacy, and location.

At SingleCare, we continually evaluate our pricing based on market conditions and discounts that we’ve negotiated directly with pharmacies, to provide our customers with the greatest possible prescription savings. These factors can occasionally result in small price changes. The chart above reflects the least expensive drugs currently—and updates daily.

Check back to find out what the best bargain is regularly! If you ever have questions about your savings, we’re always here to help. You can call customer support at 844-234-3057. If your pharmacists need help applying your savings, they can call pharmacist support at 800-974-3135. Or, you can send us a message on Facebook. We want to help you save—no matter what!