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By | May 25, 2016

SingleCare Telehealth…helping the workforce be in place, on time, and in good health! It reduces employee absence for common family illnesses and ailments.

It’s 7:30 pm. Mike can feel his health being affected by another sinus infection coming on – he’s had them before, he knows the signs.

He’s got to be on his shift tomorrow! Fortunately, he remembers his SingleCare Telehealth benefit and decides to try it out.

In minutes, he’s connected with a board-certified doctor via video on his phone, talking through his symptoms and history. By the end of the short call, the doctor has called in a prescription, which Mike picks up at his neighborhood pharmacy in 30 minutes (also benefitting from his SingleCare pharmacy discount!).

SingleCare Telehealth, powered by American Well, is a faster, easier way to see a doctor. It lets employees and families have video visits with a doctor 24/7/365. It’s easy to use, private, and secure. It offers members a great discount compared to publicly available rates – another great benefit of an employer sponsored SingleCare membership.

SingleCare Telehealth offers:

  • The ability to choose from U.S. board-certified doctors
  • Video visits using the web or mobile app
  • Consultation, diagnosis, and even prescriptions (where appropriate)
  • Access for the entire workforce, not just the insureds – making it a great benefit for all employees
  • No employer or employee PMPMs or subscriptions

SingleCare Telehealth helps the workforce be at work, on time, and healthy! It reduces absence and the need for “office-hour” doctor’s appointments for common illnesses and ailments.

SingleCare Telehealth by the numbers

SingleCare Telehealth Savings

About SingleCare

We are an innovative, non-insured healthcare and wellness benefit for employees, providing:

  • Full price transparency for all doctors and services.
  • Easy provider search and price comparison on medical, dental, physical therapy, chiropractic, mental health, pharmacy, telehealth—with vision coverage coming soon!
  • Affordable self-pay alternative for non-covered services, out-of-network providers, gaps in coverage, opt-outs, waiting periods, restricted or closed formularies.
  • A SingleCare membership packet co-branded with company logo for all employees and their dependents.

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