7 Fun and Unique Activities to Keep You Healthy and Happy

Cropped SingleCare logo By | December 2, 2015

Who says exercising has to feel like a workout? Shake up your social scene and get moving with these fun fitness ideas.

It’s never too late to try something new, and it’s always the perfect time to invest in your health and happiness. Whether you’re tired of your same old gym regimen and need some fresh suggestions or the closest you get to exercising is running to catch the bus on Monday mornings, these fun and unique activities are sure to get you up and moving. We can all benefit from reduced stress and increased energy that comes with regular exercise. So grab some friends and try one of these fun activities today.

1. Wet Your Whistle

Winter may be coming, but that doesn’t mean your beach body needs to hibernate. While the water outside may be too chilly for a swim, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the water, without freezing. Challenge your core and balance with Surfset classes, float on water with synchronized swimming lessons at your local indoor pool, or spice up your traditional spin class with aquabiking.

2. Just Dance

Whether it’s trying the arcade classic Dance Dance Revolution, joining a flash mob, or attempting one of those increasingly popular Bokwa classes, dancing is all about feeling the rhythm. A great aerobic workout, dancing engages your core and can really make you work up a sweat. Get your heart pumping while learning a new routine to show off at the next party, or head straight to the party before work at a Daybreaker event that “will start your day off unlike anything else!”

3. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

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You may have already picked apples and conquered the corn maze this fall, but there’s always a reason to get out on a crisp autumn day and take some amazing Instagram shots. Split up into teams, create a catchy hashtag, and explore where you live. If a lot of territory must be covered in a short amount of time, then all the better for your Instagram feed and your health.

4. Playdates on the Playground

You probably did learn everything you need to know back in kindergarten, including how to have fun while being active. See what your local intramural sports leagues are offering or start a pick-up game on your own. Throw it back to gym class with team handball, kickball, dodgeball, wallyball (also known as rebound volleyball), or a field day favorite of capture the flag.

5. Greet the Sun, Greet Your Neighbor

Yoga class students relaxing

Need to wind down after a long day, but still want to meet new people? Breweries, wineries, and organizations like Grip the Mat feature yoga classes followed by face-to-face socializing with your beverage of choice in hand. Check your local studios for live music yoga, yoga pole dancing, or even voga, a fusion of yoga and the dance style “voguing.”

6. Embrace the East

Improve your confidence while learning more about the fighting arts of eastern Asia. Many studios offer a free class to first-time students, so you can try several different martial arts styles and decide which you like best, all while learning about self-defense and self-discipline. Strong recommendations for self-defense styles include Jujutsu, Taekwondo, Aikido, Wing Chun, and Muay Thai.

7. Run For It


Enjoy a little splash of color on a Color Run, power through an obstacle course like the mud-free Insane Inflatable 5k, or choose a charity to bring awareness and raise funds for a cause you believe in. Races are also an excellent holiday tradition — Thanksgiving has become the biggest running day of the year, so sign up for your local Turkey Trot before starting in on the pumpkin pie.

Look Out For Yourself

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