SingleCare featured in The Street: How Should Millennials Buy Health Insurance?

Cropped SingleCare logo By | June 1, 2016

This weekend, SingleCare’s EVP of Business Development, Darcey Schoenebeck, was quoted in The Street for their article on How Millennials Should Buy Their First Health Insurance Plan. Turning 26 has become a new rite of passage for millennials, as many will have to navigate the transition off of their parents’ plans and into the often challenging world of health insurance.

As a millennial approaching 26, you’ll have to do some research to know where you stand. For those approaching college graduation, it may be possible to extend your university health coverage, taking a bit of pressure off before you move onto your next health insurance. But even when examining employer coverage, remember to take a look around, as there may be cheaper or more suitable options out there.

Darcey reminded readers of the possible benefits of opening a Health Savings Account (HSA) on a low premium plan with an affordable deductible, saying “[a]n HSA gives a pool of money for out of pocket expenses you might incur.”   

Read the full article here for more great advice. As for those expenses, SingleCare is a great tool for helping you save on doctors visits, procedures, and medications. We cut through the mystery of healthcare prices and let you shop for the price that fits your budget.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for anyone choosing the right health insurance. Your best bet is to be as informed as possible as you begin to weigh your options, so keep reading along with our blog.  

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