New You, New to SingleCare

Cropped SingleCare logo By | February 10, 2016

2016 is here and there has never been a better time to actually see your New Year’s resolutions through — especially when it comes to your well-being. Let SingleCare help you achieve your health goals in 2016.

According to, more than 50 percent of New Year’s resolutions are health-related, the most common being some form of a weight loss goal. But no matter how well-laid the plan is, taking proper care of yourself is challenging — there are temptations and shortcuts lurking around every corner, not to mention the high cost and availability of healthcare if anything goes wrong. Thankfully, SingleCare provides an alternative to typical health insurance, making it much easier to get the best healthcare available, helping you stick to your resolution.

We’re Not an Insurance Company

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Since SingleCare is not an insurance provider, so there no paperwork or surprise bills, or confusing claims to wrestle with, but members also have the flexibility to choose doctors from a wide network across a variety of specialties. The open marketplace of doctors empowers members to select the provider that best matches their needs, rather than hoping that the only doctor covered by a narrow insurance policy ends up working out.

The massive database lets you search by specialty, symptom, provider name, practice name, and even prescription name. There are currently 1,600 providers in the network from over 500 practices, operating across five states with plans to expand the healthcare offering very soon. Saving on prescriptions is a nationwide benefit anyone in the U.S. can take advantage of.

Membership is free, and once you book your first appointment, you pay only for the care you receive at the same negotiated prices typically associated with insurance companies. On average, users save 46 percent on doctor visits and 50 percent on prescriptions compared to what they would pay under other circumstances. The prices are transparent, so as you search for a provider you’ll see prices for common procedures from that practice. Compare multiple doctors and decide what is best for you.

From dental and general practitioner services to physical therapy and chiropractic care, SingleCare’s network is far reaching and varied.

Once you see a doctor, you’ll automatically be charged only for the care you received during your visit. There are no claims forms, no ongoing fees, and transactions are secure on the online network. Simply provide a valid payment account for seamless billing.

We’re As Flexible as You

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SingleCare is a great tool for those who already have health insurance coverage, too. With some plans, not all services are covered. For example: many plans only cover a small number of physical therapy appointments. If you need more, join SingleCare’s network to get those extra treatments at the same price without worrying about premiums or deductibles. Members save an average of 45 percent on physical therapy services, after all.

Perhaps your insurance covers basic medical care, but not dental. Whether for a routine cleaning or a special procedure, find a dentist with SingleCare and save 36 percent or more. Some insurance plans have a limited network of doctors and your favorite provider may not fall within that coverage. If your preferred doctor accepts SingleCare, you can still see her at affordable prices.

No Hassle

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Equally as important is the convenience SingleCare’s system gives you. After exhausting hours in a doctor’s office, the last thing anyone wants is to spend more time on the phone with an insurance company or on pages and pages of convoluted paperwork. Such an arduous process can make the care seem like it wasn’t worth all the effort. With SingleCare, only you and your provider decide what you need without policy justification or wondering about the extent of your coverage. With an open door to your doctor’s office, there’s no excuse not to meet your 2016 health-related resolutions.

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