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Why do we wait so long to visit the doctor?

Cropped SingleCare logo By | July 25, 2016

People rely so much on their body, brain and heart that they wouldn’t leave their wellness to chance; however, many Americans avoid seeing a doctor and sometimes will go years without a check-up.

Shocked? Confused? Concerned? Here are the top 3 reasons why Americans skip out on scheduling a doctor’s appointment. And, more importantly, why these fears just don’t make sense and aren’t worth the risk.

  1. Increasing Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are rising with no end in sight. Many employers no longer guarantee a comprehensive benefit plan, forcing people to spend more money on healthcare, even though their wages remain the same. As a result, some consumers have to choose between seeing a doctor or drowning in debt. For people with life-threatening issues like diabetes or low blood pressure, it could be a very bad decision to skip these visits.

In 2013, unpaid medical expenses was the top reason why Americans filed for bankruptcy according to NerdWallet Health. And, even with the Affordable Care Act, Americans are putting their health on the backburner more than ever before, according to a 14-year history of Gallup polls comparing medical expenses vs. frequency of doctor visits.

Yes, bankruptcy is a justifiable reason to avoid the doctor, but there are easy ways to cut medical cost like with SingleCare. We’ve created a transparent, online marketplace where members can shop for healthcare services like a physical or teeth cleaning at prices often 50% less than standard insurance rates.

  1. Overwhelmed by Choice

There are thousands of physicians to choose from in just one state alone, and most people don’t know how they can find a conveniently-located doctor that can address their health issue and take their insurance. They are faced with a variety of important variables and minimal help from their insurance, meaning consumers give up the search and decide to risk their health instead of “wasting” time to search for the right provider.  

Good news! We’ve streamlined the patient experience from start to finish at SingleCare. Regardless of insurance, you can hop on our site, enter your zip code and search for the type of doctor you need. In a matter of seconds, we’ll offer you a list of physicians and their pricing ready to see you. SingleCare handles logistics of cost and payment, so you can worry about getting better.

  1. Tight on Time

Finding two hours to drive to a doctor’s office, wait for an appointment and then, finally, see a physician is not easy. People are always on the go and schedules are tight, especially with children. Additionally, if you’ve come down with a common cold or strep throat, people have less of an incentive to schedule an appointment, but if not treated, those basic symptoms can transform into a serious problem or even get passed to others.

Luckily, with our recent partnership with American Well, SingleCare members now have access to board-certified U.S. physicians, psychologists and registered dietitians practicing on the Amwell consumer platform for online video consults 24/7/365. So, if you don’t have time to travel to your doctor, use SingleCare’s telehealth service and pay rates substantially less than an in-person office visit without insurance, and from the comfort of your home or workplace, as well!

Don’t leave your health to chance. SingleCare not only helps you address your medical fears, but also gets you the care you need at a reasonable price. We provide you with access to providers, healthcare services and pricing in a transparent, retail-like marketplace, regardless of insurance coverage. So the question is: why wouldn’t you see the doctor?