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You want productive, healthy employees, but benefits are an expensive proposition. Now there's an option that's free to you. And free to them.

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SingleCare for employers

SingleCare is the one health benefit card for unlimited savings.

Health savings

With SingleCare, your employees enjoy major savings on the health services they need, such as dental and prescriptions. And with our video doctor visits, they can get the care they need without missing work.

Full- and part-time benefits

SingleCare helps employees access health services that may not be affordable. There is no exclusion for part-time and seasonal employees, who might otherwise not qualify for sponsored benefits.

Simple to use

SingleCare is a terrific addition to your overall benefits package. Implementation is a breeze. No IT work, no claims, no headaches. Just give us some basic employee information, and we'll take care of the rest.

Simple for employees. Simple for you.

SingleCare makes it easy. Employees log on to our user-friendly website to find and compare pricing for providers and prescriptions. There's no fee or premium for membership.

No hassles. No paperwork. No problems. Once you've signed up, we'll send your employees a welcome letter with your company's name and logo imprinted on it. We tell them how to use the service. And if they have questions come up down the line, we’ll be the ones to answer.

Looking for a catch? You won't find one. Our business model is simple. We work hard to partner with pharmacies and providers, and pass the savings on to your employees. They'll pay a small fee when they use the service, which is already included in the pricing shown online. So, your employees know what they’ll owe, before they go.

Lots to gain. Nothing to lose.

As a nationwide organization, your employees can take advantage of our discounts no matter where they live or travel. And with more than 50,000 people signing up every week, we're sure your employees will be attracted to the value we offer.

Find out more. Email us today. Or call (844) 234-3057 to speak with a SingleCare representative.

SingleCare. One of the healthiest moves an employer can make. Make your move today.

Curious to see how SingleCare works? See how we make healthy savings easy.

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