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FDA approves Aduhelm treat Alzheimer’s dementia

FDA approves Alzheimer’s drug

It’s the first new medication for this condition since 2003
FDA approves Wegovy injectable for weight loss

FDA approves Wegovy for weight loss

Wegovy (semaglutide 2.4 mg) is the first drug of this type made available since 2014
Is COVID-19 hitting men harder than women?

Is COVID-19 worse for men?

There are gendered differences in deaths and severity of coronavirus
Why you have COVID-19 reentry anxiety and what to do about it

How to deal with COVID anxiety

If you’re having trouble getting back to normal life as the pandemic winds down, you’re not alone. These strategies can help.
What you should know about getting the COVID vaccine while pregnant

Should I get the COVID vax while pregnant?

Here’s what latest research says about pregnant (and nursing) people getting vaccinated against coronavirus
The 2021 allergy survey: How do allergies affect quality of life?

2021 allergy survey

We surveyed 2,000 Americans on allergy triggers, symptoms, and treatments. Here's what we found.
What is a vaccine breakthrough?

What is a vaccine breakthrough?

It’s an expected result of immunizations that aren’t 100% effective, but here's why vaccination is still essential
88% say arthritis affects their quality of life, according to SingleCare survey

2021 arthritis survey

We surveyed 2,000 Americans on arthritis, its effects on daily life, and common treatments to alleviate pain. Here's what we found.
Medication errors statistics 2021

Medication errors statistics

The FDA receives more than 100,000 reports every year that are related to medication errors. Medication errors can occur in pharmacies, hospitals, and patient homes. Learn how to prevent them.
See what COVID-19 variants are in the U.S.—and what they could mean

COVID-19 variants in the U.S.

The mutations of coronavirus are concerning, but don’t diminish the importance of vaccination
4 ways to snag a COVID-19 vaccine appointment

4 ways to get a COVID-19 vaccine

These tips can help you score a coveted time slot
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