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The best SingleCare reviews this January

To ring in 2023, we’re sharing our favorite customer savings stories of the year so far

This January, one-third of Americans made New Year’s resolutions, and The Checkup is full of ideas to help you reach your 2023 health goals. If you are trying to lose weight, and your provider prescribed a weight-loss medication, you’ll find ways to save. Or if you’ve made the decision to quit smoking, but you’ve been experiencing insomnia as a result, check out 11 tips to get a better night’s sleep. 

Whether or not you made resolutions, there is health and wellness news to help you live your best life. And if you’re among the 41.5% of adults in the United States living with anxiety or depression, this advice on starting a meditation practice can help to reduce stress, even if you’re already taking SSRIs

The next time you’re filling a prescription or picking up an OTC medication, SingleCare can help you get the best price for your meds. To help ring in 2023, we’re sharing our favorite customer SingleCare reviews of the year so far. 

Helping save money for prescriptions is fabulous! I always check SingleCare!

I think SingleCare is an amazing service. Making some out of reach medications more affordable is a big help. Thank you.

Using SingleCare for my prescriptions has decreased my cost significantly. There was absolutely no problem using it at HEB Pharmacy and even the checkout clerk couldn't believe the amount of savings. What a wonderful advantage it gives those of us on a fixed income. Thank you!!!

That’s right! Our discount card can help you with prescription savings. If you haven’t used SingleCare yet, it’s simple. Just follow these 3 steps the next time you are prescribed a medication: 

  1. Download our iOS or Android app or go to our website
  2. Search for your medication, making sure to adjust for quantity, dosage, and zip code. 
  3. Choose the pharmacy closest to you and either print, text, or email yourself a free drug coupon. 

When you go to the pharmacy, show your pharmacist the coupon. It’s that easy!