Making medication savings simple, one phone call at a time

In the SingleCare Spotlight series, we highlight the people who make SingleCare possible. Whether they work to secure the best savings possible with our partner pharmacies or help send you cards through the mail, every employee at our company is focused on helping you save money on prescription medication.

You might think that working at a call center means we spend most of our days fielding phone calls from angry or unsatisfied people. But we actually get a lot of calls from people saying, “The SingleCare card sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?” I love being able to tell them there isn’t one. It’s absolutely free, you don’t have to sign up for some big commitment, and the savings can really add up.

I have a background in pharmacy benefit management, and I know how ridiculously expensive medications can be. Sometimes using the card might bring that bill down by just $5, and sometimes it might mean you’re paying $100 less. It feels so good when we get calls from customers who say we’ve saved them a lot of money; it makes you feel good.

I have a SingleCare card myself, and I use it. I’ve told everybody I know to try it out: my sisters, my mom, my friends. My mom had a kidney transplant, so she’s living on one kidney right now. Her medications are really expensive, and it’s a mistake to assume that insurance is always the cheapest option. Insurance might not cover a certain medication or, if it does, sometimes you’re better off skipping it and using the discount card instead. For an expensive over-the-counter medication, you could have your doctor write you a prescription for something that’s covered by the discount card and is less expensive. I always tell people who call in: The card can’t be used in combination with insurance, but looking at the pricing matters so much. When I went through my mom’s pricing with her, there are certain medications where she’s better off not using her insurance and using the SingleCare discount instead. 

People will call in with general questions about how the program works, and if they want to get specific about what makes the most sense for them, we’re happy to go there. I love helping people figure out what will work best for their situation. When I was an agent, I had a customer call in with questions because she’d signed up for a particular Medicare plan and didn’t realize until after that it meant a huge prescription medication deductible. Luckily, she was mainly taking maintenance medications, for conditions like high blood pressure. But the prescription costs still added up pretty quickly, and she was clearly stressed. So we went over her medications and the pricing, and by using the SingleCare card she was able to shave her medication costs down from $50 per prescription to $10. 

She was in tears at the end of the call—she was so relieved. She told me, “You guys are really helping people.” Hearing that makes it hit home how big of a deal it is when someone doesn’t know how they can afford their medications. With programs like SingleCare, it really does feel like we’re making an impact. The days here in the call center can be pretty hectic, but I really do love my job. I’m reminded every day that what we’re doing is important and is really helping people. That’s all smiles and joy for me.