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Best SingleCare user savings from the year so far

Cropped SingleCare logo By | March 26, 2020

A lot has been going on here at SingleCare. Our first ever commercial went live at the end of 2019 and is still airing nationwide. We launched our new release for the SingleCare app both on iOS and Android, which means that it’s easier than ever before to save on your meds!

These new happenings at SingleCare have, of course, created some buzz and many of you have given us feedback both about our product and your overall experience with using SingleCare (which is always appreciated!). Here are some of the best SingleCare reviews  you’ve shared to date.

Recent SingleCare reviews

Customer testimonial from Debbie R

Customer testimonial from Patricia W

Customer testimonial from Jaclyn J

Customer testimonial from Deborah M

Customer testimonial from Ellen R

Customer testimonial from Gloria B

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How to find prescription savings of your own

Do you want to join the millions saving billions on their meds? You can get instant prescription savings the next time you go to the pharmacy. Simply download the app, search for your prescription and bring it to the pharmacy. If you prefer, you can search for your prescription at and text/email/print the coupon. For those of you who like to have a physical card–we have that too. Happy savings!