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SingleCare users see the biggest savings on these 10 drugs

On average, Americans spend more on prescription drugs per year than anywhere else in the world. The reasons are myriad—lack of regulation, patent protection, price hikes in the supply chain, and overall lack of clarity around pricing. When the average consumer isn’t aware what’s causing high prices, or that price comparison is possible, it’s hard to find the lowest cost.  

“Price transparency for prescription drugs is an essential tool for Americans struggling to afford their medications,” says Shaili Gandhi, Pharm.D., vice president of formulary operations at SingleCare. “Many don’t realize that they could save hundreds of dollars a month on drugs by using a prescription discount card and shopping around for the best prices.” 

Different pharmacies often fill the same prescription at different prices. With SingleCare’s prescription discount card, you can compare local pharmacies and maximize your savings. All you have to do is search for your prescription on our website or using our app. SingleCare’s prescription discounts can save you as much as 80%.

“SingleCare’s price transparency charts let you compare the cash price to the SingleCare savings for the past year,”  says Ramzi Yacoub, Pharm.D., SingleCare chief pharmacy officer. “If it’s lower than your insurance copay, you know you’re saving money.” 

You can text the coupon to yourself, print it immediately, or add it to your digital wallet. Then, just bring your SingleCare coupon to the pharmacy counter.

Don’t settle for your pharmacy’s cash price for your medications! SingleCare’s prescription coupons offer real-time savings on over 10,000 prescription drugs. Here are 10 popular drugs with the largest savings for SingleCare users.

Drug Percent saved by SingleCare users* Get coupon
Lamotrigine ER 91% Get coupon
Salicylic acid 88% Get coupon
Dapsone 87% Get coupon
Diphenhydramine 86% Get coupon
Modafinil 84% Get coupon
Anastrozole 79% Get coupon
Repaglinide 75% Get coupon
Enoxaparin sodium 74% Get coupon
Clonidine 73% Get coupon
Urea 73% Get coupon

*Percentages based on CVS sales data from June 2020. Savings percentages vary by retail pharmacy and may change.

1. Lamotrigine ER

Percent saved: 91%
Lamotrigine ER, a generic for Lamictal, is an anticonvulsant used to control seizures in children and adults with epilepsy. It is also used to treat bipolar disorder. Even though this drug is a generic, the regular cash price of Lamotrigine ER at major, nationwide pharmacies can be as high as $500. For SingleCare card users, it can be less than $50.  

2. Salicylic acid

Percent saved: 88%
Salicylic acid is a topical medication used to treat a wide range of skin conditions, including acne. While you can buy lower strength salicylic acid over the counter, some conditions require prescription-strength. At the pharmacy counter, the prescription-strength dosage of salicylic acid can be costly—but not with the SingleCare savings! 

3. Dapsone

Percent saved: 87%
Dapsone is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory Rx prescribed to treat skin conditions such as severe acne. This generic drug is available in a gel or tablet and is available in a variety of doses. Even though Dapsone is a generic, the cash price for a single fill without a SingleCare card can still be more than $500. 

4. Diphenhydramine

Percent saved: 86%

Diphenhydramine, often known by its brand name Benadryl, is an antihistamine. If you’re having an allergic reaction to your cat, or just the pollen in the air, it can provide relief from sneezing, itchiness, hives, or other allergy symptoms. Many people aren’t aware that over-the-counter products like this can be purchased at a discount. It just takes a phone call to your healthcare provider for a prescription. With a SingleCare coupon, you can save up to 86% off the cash price. Since allergies can last an entire season—or longer, if the allergen is present year round, those savings can add up over the long-term.

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5. Modafinil

Percent saved: 84%
Modafinil is a stimulant that treats chronic sleep conditions like narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Modafinil is frequently prescribed as a generic for Provigil and is a controlled substance. SingleCare discount card users can save up to 84%, and many pay hundreds of dollars less than the regular cash price at the pharmacy counter. 

6. Anastrozole

Percent saved: 79%

Anastrozole, generic Arimidex, is a pill that’s used in conjunction with other treatments (like surgery and radiation) to treat breast cancer in women who have reached menopause. It works by reducing estrogen levels in the body. For some high-risk women, it may be prescribed prophylactically to prevent breast cancer. Taken as a pill, this hormonal chemotherapy is very expensive when paying full price. SingleCare users pay only a fraction of the cash cost, saving up to 79%.

7. Repaglinide

Percent saved: 75%

Repaglinide is an oral medication that helps control blood sugar for people with Type 2 diabetes. It helps to stimulate insulin production to decrease the glucose circulating in the body. It’s taken before meals, so multiple times daily—and you don’t want to miss a dose. Without SingleCare, this treatment can cost hundreds of dollars. With up to 75% savings on the price, it’s much more affordable.

8. Enoxaparin sodium

Percent saved: 74%
Enoxaparin sodium (generic Lovenox) is an injectable anticoagulant that is usually prescribed to prevent blood clots in the legs and other parts of the body. Like many of the drugs on this list, patients use enoxaparin to treat severe, life-threatening conditions. Enoxaparin is often prescribed to those who are recovering from significant surgeries or are already bed-bound for other medical reasons, according to the American College of Cardiology. With an expensive over-the-counter price tag, the cost of enoxaparin in addition to the other associated medical costs add up. 

9. Clonidine

Percent saved: 73%

Clonidine is a hypertension medication that can help get high blood pressure under control—alone, or in combination with other prescriptions. Its brand-name counterpart, Kapvay, is an FDA-approved non-stimulant medication used to treat ADHD symptoms. Using SingleCare, it’s can be less than a quarter of the retail price.

10. Urea

Percent saved: 73%

Urea, is a generic medication that’s available under many brand names: Utopic, Aluvea, Aqua Care, Atrac-Tain, and others. It’s prescribed to treat skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. It can also help to repair damaged nails from ingrown toenails. A single tube can be pricey, but SingleCare users can save up to 73% on the cost of treatment.

Health care in the U.S. is expensive enough without paying too much for the prescriptions you need. With the SingleCare card, you’ll have access to feel good prices to help you feel better. Simply search for your medication at or on the SingleCare app (available on the App Store or Google Play). Once you’ve found the best price, bring your prescription coupon to the pharmacy counter. It’s that easy! You’ll automatically save an extra $5 on the first Rx you fill with SingleCare. Then, you’ll earn member savings every time after that.