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Read the top 5 health articles for pharmacists in 2023

See what health and wellness news pharmacists were interested in most this year

Pharmacists are invaluable to the healthcare profession. At SingleCare, we value and appreciate the dedication and service you provide to your customers and community. That’s why every October, in honor of American Pharmacist’s Month, we host the Best of the Best Pharmacy Awards to recognize pharmacy professionals who go above and beyond. 

But our efforts to support pharmacists don’t end there: The Checkout was created especially for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Each month, you can read tips for counseling patients, ways to stay healthy at work, and advice on growing and thriving in your pharmacy career. This year, we covered topics like helping patients manage autoimmune diseases, the benefits of vitamin D, how to promote exercise, and more.

Here are the 5 top health and wellness posts of 2023, based on what pharmacy professionals read most.

1. What to tell patients about CBD and blood thinners

From gummies and chocolate to oils and tinctures, many Americans are turning to CBD (cannabidiol) for ailments like anxiety, pain, and insomnia. CBD’s benefits are promising, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe—especially if patients are taking medications like blood thinners. Read tips for counseling patients about the risks of taking both.

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2. Can probiotics help treat diabetes?

Probiotics are known for boosting gut health, but their benefits don’t end there. These microorganisms, found in foods like kimchi, kefir, yogurt, and sauerkraut, may help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar in several ways. Learn how probiotics can be beneficial in the treatment of diabetes and what strains are best.

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3. How to counsel patients on probiotics

Natural supplements like probiotics are appealing to people interested in improving their health. Probiotics can help patients maintain a healthy gut microbiome while offering several other health benefits. But because they’re dietary supplements, they’re not regulated by the FDA. Here’s a rundown on helping patients weigh the benefits versus risks of probiotics. 

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4. What pharmacists should know about the blockbuster drugs of 2023

Blockbuster drugs are medications that generate significant annual revenue ($1 billion or more) for pharmaceutical companies. They often address widespread health issues or chronic health conditions, so they can substantially impact patients’ lives. In case you missed them, here are eight blockbuster drugs from 2023, plus their indications and benefits.

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5. How to help patients taking controlled medications

When a patient picks up a controlled medication, pharmacists must ensure it’s for a legitimate medical reason. But it’s not always easy to tell when a prescription is invalid or if a controlled substance is being misused. In this article, we look at five red flags to watch for controlled medication abuse and how to approach the issue with compassion.

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