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Holiday gift ideas for your pharmacist

‘Tis the season of holly wreaths, mulled wine, and giving gifts to people we love, care for, or simply want to thank for their meaningful contribution in our lives. One person you may have overlooked on your holiday shopping list is your pharmacist, someone many consider a key partner in their daily health and wellness.

 Pharmacists are an integral part of the community, and are often the medical professionals who have the most face-to-face interactions with their patients. Your pharmacist is the person who counsels you on how to take your medication, who helps you find exactly what you need at the pharmacy, who advocates for you, and solves problems with various medical situations.

If you give a gift to your child’s teacher, or to your mail carrier, you may also consider giving a gift this year to your pharmacist. But what, exactly, is an appropriate holiday gift for your pharmacist?

Jackie Gillard, a writer from Toronto, Canada says that she’s given a variety of holiday gifts to her pharmacist over the years. Some years she’s given a gift card, and other times she’s dropped off chocolates for the entire pharmacy staff to share. 

“They often exceed my expectations and even have saved me money without asking. I feel they deserve something more for their loyal service than just my spoken gratitude,” she says.

Inna Lukyanovsky, Pharm.D., of Real Health Solutions in Marlboro, New Jersey, says that she’s received many thoughtful gifts from patients over the years, including flowers, cards, and cakes. She says that each time she receives a gift it’s a delightful and unexpected surprise.

But a special one was from a little girl who drew a small painting and wrote, “Thank you for making my mom feel better so we can play together!” recalls Dr. Lukyanovsky—proof that a gift from the heart is the most meaningful.

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7 easy, affordable pharmacist gifts

There are many generous and tangible ways to thank your pharmacist this holiday season, and you don’t need to stretch your budget to afford them. Below are a few gift ideas that will suit a variety of spending levels:

  1. A simple handwritten card—buy one from the store or even make one at home. If you have kids, consider asking them to join in the card making and signing.
  2. A gift basket with fruit, baked goods, or a variety of teas and coffees. Purchase it pre-made, or assemble one yourself.
  3. A flower arrangement is a thoughtful gift that the entire pharmacy staff could enjoy.
  4. Homemade cookies are a nice treat if your pharmacist has a sweet tooth. Just make sure they are free from common allergens like nuts.
  5. A bottle of wine is a simple, but generous gift.
  6. A gift card to a coffee shop, bookstore, or even a prepaid credit card lets pharmacists select a treat on their own.
  7. Pharmacy-inspired gifts, such as a water bottle with the periodic table, or a vintage apothecary jar could be fun, and work-appropriate.

If you know your pharmacists well enough to know some of their hobbies or interests, you might want to tailor your gift to their unique personality traits. For a book lover you can pick out a special bookmark. For a cat-owner, find a feline-inspired mug.

You don’t have to break the bank to show your pharmacy staff that their support and service is meaningful to you, any gift you give is sure to make them feel appreciated.