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How much is pseudoeph-bromphen-dm (Bromfed Dm) without insurance?

Is pseudoeph-bromphen-dm covered by insurance? | How much does pseudoeph-bromphen-dm cost without insurance? | How to get pseudoeph-bromphen-dm without insurance

Pseudoephedrine-brompheniramine-dextromethorphan is a generic prescription cold and allergy medication that combines a decongestant, antihistamine, and cough medication. It is similar to over-the-counter cold medicines like Dimetapp DM (brompheniramine-phenylephrine-dextromethorphan). The FDA has approved the drug to relieve upper respiratory symptoms, including cough and nasal congestion. Most pharmaceutical companies label the drug brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine-dextromethorphan, but this is not easy to ask for in a drugstore. Just call it generic Bromfed DM after the brand-name version. As a prescription drug, generic Bromfed DM is higher priced than over-the-counter cold and allergy medications, but a few tips can help significantly reduce that cost.

What is the brand name for pseudoephedrine-brompheniramine DM?

Bromfed DM is the brand-name version. It costs as much as generic pseudoephedrine-brompheniramine DM. Q-Tapp DM is another brand-name version, but it is no longer available in the U.S.

Is pseudoeph-bromphen-dm covered by insurance?

Brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine DM is not often covered by prescription drug insurance or Medicare Part D, but there are exceptions such as Humana. Some Medicaid plans may cover the drug, too. Insurance companies that do cover brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine DM tend to classify the drug in lower copay tiers, so the out-of-pocket cost should usually be minimal.

How much does pseudoeph-bromphen-dm cost without insurance?

Without insurance coverage, brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine DM costs about $40 for a 118 mL (4 oz.) bottle of syrup. Each 5 mL dose contains 30 mg of pseudoephedrine, 2 mg of brompheniramine, and 10 mg of dextromethorphan. That means there are about 11 10-mL doses for an adult and 23 5-mL doses for older children in a 4 oz. bottle. Taking a dose every four hours means a 4 oz. bottle will last about three days for an adult and six for children aged 6 to 12 years old. That means that taking generic Bromfed DM averages about $10 per day. A larger 473 mL (one pint) bottle will cost more but provide four times the number of doses.

If the price seems high, then ask the prescriber about over-the-counter alternatives. The closest are Dimetapp DM and Dimaphen DM Cold/Cough. Both are OTC cold and allergy remedies that contain brompheniramine, phenylephrine (in place of pseudoephedrine), and dextromethorphan. Triaminic Day Time Night Time Cold & Cough (diphenhydramine, phenylephrine, and dextromethorphan) is similar in its ingredients, but these are divided into two different medicines, with the Night Time formulation only including the diphenhydramine given its propensity to cause drowsiness

Another option is to purchase an over-the-counter antihistamine, decongestant, and dextromethorphan separately when treating common cold symptoms or allergies. All can be purchased individually or combined with other medications. Other lower-cost antitussives can be substituted for dextromethorphan. All these drugs will work similarly to the ingredients in generic Bromfed DM, but their effectiveness and side effects may vary slightly.

Pseudoephedrine may not be suitable for women who are breastfeeding or people with high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, overactive thyroid, glaucoma, or heart disease. In that case, purchasing nonprescription dextromethorphan and an antihistamine may be a reasonable option. Again, get medical advice from a healthcare provider first.

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Compare Bromfed Dm (pseudoeph-bromphen-dm) prices to related drugs

Drug name Price without insurance of brand-name drug  SingleCare price Savings options
Pseudoeph-bromphen-dm $38 per 1, 118 mL of 30-2-10 mg/5 mL syrup $17 per 1, 118 mL of 30-2-10 mg/5 mL syrup of generic pseudoeph-bromphen-dm See latest prices
Promethazine DM $26 per 120, 473 mL of 6.25-15 mg/5 mL syrup $3 per 120, 473 mL of 6.25-15 mg/5 mL syrup of generic promethazine DM See latest prices
Mucinex DM $25 per 20 tablets  $6 per 20 tablets of brand-name Mucinex DM See latest prices
Mucinex Fast-Max cold flu & sore throat $26 per 20 tablets $5 per 20 tablets of brand-name Mucinex Fast-Max cold flu & sore throat See latest prices
Benzonatate $47 per 30, 100 mg capsules $4 per 30, 100 mg capsules of 

generic benzonatate

See latest prices
Rynex DM

(dextromethorphan, brompheniramine maleate, guaifenesin)

$35 per 1, 473 ml of 2.5-1 mg/ 5 mL syrup $13 per 1, 473 ml of 2.5-1 mg/ 5 mL syrup of brand-name Rynex DM See latest prices

Prescription drug prices often change. These are the most accurate medication prices at the time of publishing. The listed price without insurance references the price of brand-name drugs (unless otherwise specified). The listed SingleCare price references the price of generic drugs if available. Click the link under “Savings options” to see the latest drug prices.

How to get pseudoeph-bromphen-dm without insurance

Brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine-dextromethorphan is a lower-cost prescription medication, but it may be challenging on some budgets. Still, people without insurance coverage have a few options that can reduce the cost of generic prescription drugs. The first place to look for savings is SingleCare. A SingleCare prescription discount card can reduce the cost of common generic medications by as much as 80%.

1. Use a SingleCare savings card 

With a free coupon from SingleCare, the lowest pharmacy price for 4 ounces of brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine DM is only $3, a savings of $35 off the average retail price. The lowest SingleCare price for 16 ounces of generic Bromfed DM is only $6. SingleCare participating pharmacies offer different discounts, so browse available savings prices on SingleCare’s pseudoeph-bromphen-DM coupons page, where you can also find more savings and drug information.

2. Look for the lowest price 

Another great find on SingleCare’s pseudoeph-bromphen-DM coupons page is a pricing history for brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine DM. Quickly find lower prices for a prescription. Simply purchasing generic Bromfed DM at the lowest pharmacy price can save $12 off the average retail price.

3. Ask the prescribing healthcare provider about OTC alternatives 

All of the active ingredients in generic Bromfed DM are available over the counter at lower prices. They can be purchased individually or in combination. Other over-the-counter decongestants, including antihistamines and antitussives, could cost even less. Because effectiveness and side effects such as allergic reactions may vary, get medical advice from a healthcare professional before opting for an OTC alternative.

4. Consider enrolling in Medicaid

Medicaid often covers over-the-counter medications and supplements. Medicaid is also more likely to cover brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine DM than other types of health insurance. Start by visiting your state’s Medicaid website for eligibility requirements, enrollment process, and additional information.


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