Getting out the message about medication savings

In the SingleCare Spotlight series, we highlight the people who make SingleCare possible. Whether they work to secure the best savings possible with our partner pharmacies or help send you cards through the mail, every employee at our company is focused on helping you save money on prescription medication.

Before I was at SingleCare, I worked for a pharmaceutical consulting company, and that’s where I developed my passion for the healthcare industry. I was excited about SingleCare because I hadn’t heard about a product like this before—I didn’t know pharmacy savings cards existed. I certainly would have used one if I had known.

I was brought on board about a year ago to build and manage an independent sales representative program. My initial goal was to completely understand the company: what we did, and how the card worked. I learned SingleCare is a free pharmacy savings card that allows patients to save on their medications—regardless of insurance status.

Once I had an understanding, I began thinking about the foundation of the sales rep program—everything from recruiting to orientation and training, to commission structure and retention. After I had that established, I turned on the green light to post the position on several job boards: Monster, Indeed, Google Careers, LinkedIn, Glassdoor. Now, a year later, we have a field force of more than 1,000 independent sales representatives across the nation who advocate for SingleCare. 

During training, I’m very transparent with our sales reps. I often mention, “Nobody enjoys having a conversation with a cheesy salesman, especially not busy medical professionals who are assisting patients. The last thing that they want to do is spend time with somebody who’s trying to sell them something, right?” So I remind them that their purpose is to educate. The primary places that they’re visiting are medical offices. In terms of specialties, it varies, and they’re not limited in any way. So anything from a dental office to an emergency room, all the way to a veterinarian office because the cards actually save on pet meds, as well. 

Based on what I hear from reps, one of the biggest misconceptions about SingleCare—and about pharmacy savings cards in general—is that they’re specifically designed for people who don’t have insurance. That’s far from the truth. In fact, a lot of times, SingleCare prices will beat the price a patient would pay if he or she were using insurance. One of the biggest things that reps focus on is ensuring that the entire medical office staff understands that every patient who walks through their door can potentially use one of these cards to save. It’s just a matter of comparing costs. 

If you do have insurance, I recommend using the prescription lookup tool to compare the cost before you make the decision whether or not to use your insurance or SingleCare. Every pharmacy will charge a different price for the same script. So again, rely on the prescription lookup tool and do your homework before stepping foot into the pharmacy.