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SingleCare staff share their best pharmacy stories

October is American Pharmacists Month, and we want to take that time to recognize the importance of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. While SingleCare offers great savings, we wouldn’t be able to get them to you—the consumers—without the support of pharmacy staff. These are the people who help educate us about medication, watch out for dangerous drug interactions, and help us save at the counter.

Our inaugural Best of the Best Pharmacy Awards honored 11 people and places that SingleCare users nominated. You can read about all of those stories here. We also wanted to share some of our personal favorite pharmacy stories. Below are shout-outs from SingleCare employees thanking the people who help us when we go to pick up prescriptions.

Our pharmacist stories

“I’m from Norway. The first time I filled a prescription in the U.S., I went to the CVS in my local Target to pick it up. I wasn’t sure what the cash price was, but I did have a SingleCare coupon ready. The pharmacist told me they had their own coupon on that particular prescription, but she took her time to ring up all the options for me. (It turns out SingleCare saved me the most!) She also thoroughly explained how I would take the prescription, all the side effects, and every little piece of information I might need. It was a really calm and nice experience!”  —Emma Moe, marketing coordinator, on her pharmacy experience at CVS at Target in Brooklyn, NY

“When I saw a new allergy medication on the shelves, I took it and my regular brand up to the pharmacy counter and asked the pharmacist which was better. She thoroughly explained the differences in the active ingredients and said many people were liking the new one. She helped me find my new favorite allergy medicine—and she asked me how it was working the next time I was in!” —Dalene Rovenstine, content marketing director, on her favorite pharmacist at Rite Aid in New York, NY

“I forgot to pack a prescription I needed to take daily, when I went on vacation for a week. I called my pharmacist in a panic, and she transferred the medication to a CVS near me to cover the days I was away. I picked it up within the hour!” —Janice Rodden, health writer, on her favorite pharmacist at Walgreens in New York, NY

“My pharmacist noticed I was buying a brand-name drug, which could be easily substituted for a cheaper over-the-counter option. She came out from behind the counter to show me the OTC and helped me save money. I really appreciated her going the extra mile.” —Zack Garofalo, digital marketing manager, on a pharmacist at Duane Reade in Brooklyn, NY

“Recently, when I was feeling under the weather, I went to my local CVS pharmacy to fill my prescription. While I was checking out, the pharmacist recommended several at-home remedies that I could try in conjunction with my prescription to speed up the recovery time. Her remedies certainly did the trick because I was recovered in no time. She really went above and beyond to help me feel better.” —Olivia Pulsinelle, sales manager, on her local pharmacist at CVS in Jersey City, NJ

“My pharmacist is very knowledgeable and personable. He always greets me by name when I am at the counter. I can also count on him to call me directly if there are any problems with my script. I love having that kind of personal relationship with my pharmacist.” —Cal Hall, head of design UI/UX, on his favorite pharmacist at Walgreens in Brooklyn, NY

“Earlier this year I needed a prescription, and I learned at the pharmacy counter that it was going to cost a lot with my insurance. The pharmacist there directed me to a manufacturer coupon, which lowered the price by a big chunk. I was so thankful!” —Sarah Ramiré, social media manager, on a great pharmacy experience at the CVS in New York, NY