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SingleCare Team Editorial Board

The SingleCare Team is led by the editorial board, which includes Chris Walsh, SVP of Content and Brand; Dalene Rovenstine, Content Marketing Director; Janice Rodden, Health Writer; Geoff Kenyon,VP Online Marketing; Kelsey Rice, SEO Specialist; Thomas Bailey, SEO Specialist; and Emma Moe, Social Marketing Coordinator.

Together with the SingleCare Medical Review Board, they ensure that SingleCare’s health and wellness content is medically accurate, evidence-based, and trustworthy. Our team works with a network of experienced freelance health writers and medical clinicians who provide expert review, fact-checking, and prescription guidance. Our pharmacists, physicians, dietitians, and veterinarians guarantee that the articles on our blog are person-first, informative, and in line with current medical advice.

Each piece of content, serving more than a million readers each month, goes through several phases of review by qualified writers, editors, physicians, and other professionals.

We require reputable sources including pharmacists, physicians, and other healthcare providers for every article—along with cutting edge research in peer-reviewed journals. When new information is available, we update articles to make sure you have the post up-to-date facts available.

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