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Last-minute Halloween costumes for pharmacy staff
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Last-minute Halloween costumes for pharmacy staff

A holiday doesn’t mean that people stop getting sick—or needing their medications. Like many medical professionals, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are often stuck working on celebratory days. It’s a service to your community, but it can put a damper on your own festivities.

You have to work on Halloween this year, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Start a costume contest among the staff on schedule for the 31st. Or, dress up as a group to amuse your customers. These last-minute Halloween costumes require little effort to put together. And, they’re tasteful enough to avoid offending anyone in your workplace.

1. Smarty pants

Buy a bag of Smarties candy, and use double-sided tape or safety pins to attach the candy rolls to your regular work pants. Pair with some faux glasses and a book, and you’re a very “punny” smarty pants

2. Clown

It’s a classic costume for a reason. People love these jokesters. If you’re always getting laughs from your customers at the counter, give some extra meaning to all of that clowning around. Toss on a red foam nose paired with a rainbow-colored shirt. Add an oversized bow-tie for extra fun. The more bright colors, the better!

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3. The “spice” girls (or boys)

If your coworkers are game, have everyone pick out their favorite seasoning. Print out the matching McCormick spice label, pin it on a red apron, and VOILA! You’re paprika…or nutmeg…or cinnamon. Wear all black underneath, and top the outfit off with a red or black cap.

4. Cowboy…or a lumberjack

If you’re got a flannel shirt, you’re most of the way there. Add a cowboy hat, bandana, and boots for a Western style. Or, combine suspenders, a beanie, and a homemade cardboard ax to complete the Paul Bunyan look.

5. Where’s Waldo (or Wenda)?

Wear a red-and-white-striped top—or fashion one out of a red shirt and some horizontally applied white duct tape. Pick up a red and white knit hat with a pom pom, or make one out of fleece or felt. Add some black frames, and a camera around your neck and you’ve transformed into this master of blending in. Bonus: It will go with your white jacket!

6. Deviled egg

Order an egg-printed T-shirt (if you waited until the last minute, there is two-day shipping with Amazon Prime). Pair it with a horns headband for a Halloween imitation of this delicious summer barbecue snack.

7. Judge

Pull out your old graduation robe. Add a toy gavel and a lace collar, and you can easily go as your favorite court justice—whether that’s Judge Judy or the notorious RBG. When the waiting area gets crowded, just tap on the counter and say, “Order in the court!”

8. Mime

If you have a black and white striped shirt, you’re well on your way to several easy costumes. To become a mime, add some white gloves, black eye makeup, and creative gestures—think: trapped in a box. To transform into a pirate, add an eye patch and a stuffed animal parrot to sit in your breast pocket. Combine an eye mask and a black hat, and you’re a bandit. The possibilities are nearly endless with a few creative accessories.

9. Rosie the riveter

Pair a chambray shirt with a red bandana. Then make your own DIY “We can do it pin!” Pay homage to this icon for women workers during WWII while you’re doing your part to work for your community on a day of fun.

10. Your favorite pet

Even if you forget until you’re at work on Halloween morning, you can still pull this one off. Grab a black face paint crayon or eye liner pencil, and draw on whiskers and a nose. Cut a pair of ears out of construction paper, and attach them to an inexpensive headband. It’s that easy to transform into a cat or a dog.

No matter the costume you choose, be sure to check into your workplace’s Halloween policies ahead of time. You don’t want to show up decked out from head-to-toe, only to be told that dressing up is not allowed. Keep it simple, and work appropriate. Know that you’re dealing with customers, and you want to help them feel better. Light-heartedness and fun can brighten someone’s day. Then, enjoy the spooky fun (and some candy)!