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Pharmacy delivery options: How to get meds while social distancing

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: As experts learn more about the novel coronavirus, news and information changes. For the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

COVID-19 has changed life for everyone, across the globe. Because the novel coronavirus has spread so quickly since first appearing in Wuhan, China, late last year, it’s become crucial to limit its transmission, or what experts call “flatten the curve.” One way to avoid coronavirus transmission is by practicing social distancing, where you stay at least 6 feet away from people and only leave the house when absolutely necessary. To most people that means stocking up on groceries (and toilet paper!), but what about prescription drugs?

People who are older or who have existing health conditions are most at risk for coronavirus, and they are likely on prescription medications they can’t go without. And even if you don’t fall into those two categories, it’s possible you can’t just skip medication because you’re sheltering in place and have run out. So if you can’t get out to the pharmacy, we’ve rounded up a list of options.

Pharmacy delivery options

Many major pharmacy chains offer home delivery, so it is possible your current pharmacy offers this service already and you don’t know it. For help finding one near you, contact SingleCare’s prescription delivery hotline at 800-222-2818. Our representatives are standing by to assist you. Or, use this list of options to sign up for home delivery service.


Walgreens offers express delivery, which can be as early as the next day via FedEx (if made by 4 p.m. and not on a weekend). To get started, text “JoinRx” to 21525. Additionally, if you have any questions about your prescriptions, Walgreens offers an online pharmacist chat


Not only does CVS offer 1-2 day delivery on prescriptions (or same day with Shipt), but you can also add store items like hand soap or toiletries to your delivery. To sign up, download the mobile app or create an account here.

Rite Aid

Not all Rite Aid’s offer delivery services—but some do, such as select stores in the New York City Metro Area and New Jersey area. To see if your Rite Aid delivers, simply use the Rite Aid store locator and see the services provided at your nearest location.


Walmart has home delivery available for all customers. To apply, fill out this form, attach your paper prescription, and mail it to the address provided on the form. Another way to apply is to call and speak to a pharmacy representative available to help at 1-800-2-REFILL (1-800-273-3455).

And SingleCare discounts still apply!

For all pharmacies above, be sure to give your SingleCare discount card information when setting up online delivery, so you can get the lowest price possible. 

If you use a pharmacy not mentioned above, call your pharmacist and see what arrangements they can offer. Many businesses are offering ways to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and will do what they can to help. 

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Insurance coverage of pharmacy delivery and other considerations

Some insurance plans do not cover or restrict coverage on prescriptions when received via home delivery—even if the prescriptions were covered by your insurance company for in-store pickup. Discuss with your insurance company or pharmacist to confirm insurance coverage of home-delivered prescriptions with your insurance plan.

Also, not every prescription is eligible for home delivery. These typically include controlled substances, such as opioids or Xanax, or medications that need to be refrigerated. To minimize contact for these prescriptions, check if any pharmacies have drive-thrus so you can pick up meds at a social distance. Due to special circumstances right now, if your pharmacy does not have a drive-thru or home delivery, call and discuss with your pharmacist other possible options that minimize contact, such as delivering it to your car.