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The 7 best prescription reminder apps and tools

Compliance with medication ensures the drug’s effectiveness and reduces the risk of adverse events. Most people know this, and yet, according to the Food and Drug Administration, 50% of prescribed medication isn’t taken as directed by doctors and pharmacists. And one main cause for these missed meds? Forgetfulness.

There are plenty of tips and tricks to help remember your medications, but perhaps the most helpful are downloadable apps that provide daily prescription reminders via your smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch. These apps help to automate and track doses, so you’re less likely to miss a pill.

We’ve curated a list of some of the best prescription reminder apps, available to download on both Google Play for Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users—and two additional tools. The bonus? All of the medication reminder apps below are free.

1. Medisafe Pill Reminder 

Considered the top medical reminder app, Medisafe Pill Reminder is known for being user-friendly, with a sleek design. The app offers personalized reminders for each day, as well as important drug interaction warnings, missed medication alerts, refill reminders when you’re running low, and family scheduling tools. That way you and a caregiver will get notifications.

2. Mango Health

In addition to managing medications, Mango Health users can track their overall health through this app. You can create a schedule of healthy habits you want to track, and the app offers helpful reminders to remain consistent with the routine. Some healthy goals you can set for yourself include: staying hydrated, taking medications on time, and remembering to check vital signs like blood pressure. The app also lets you set up reminders and receive alerts when it’s time to take medication. 

3. Bedsider Reminders

An app designed to remind women to take their birth control, Bedsider Reminders is customizable for your birth control method. Whether you take a daily birth control pill or need to keep track of when to change your patch, this app can help. You can also set additional reminders for things such as when to get your next shot or schedule a doctor’s appointment.

4. MyTherapy Medication Reminder and Pill Tracker

MyTherapy is an app designed to aid you in staying in control of your health. The app includes customized pill reminders, measurement tracking, and health and exercise alerts. Helpful overview charts will help users to track patterns and aid in future goal setting.

5. Pill Reminder All in One 

This simple and easy-to-use app allows users to track their medications, receive alerts as reminders to take their pills, and set reminders for medical appointments. Pill Reminder All in One even lets you email reports to doctors straight from the app. 

6. TabTime Vibe Vibrating Pill Reminder

While not an app, TabTime’s storage device is a perfect tool for older individuals who don’t have smartphones but need something more than the run-of-the-mill pill case. Users divide their pills in the five compartments, and set customizable alarms that vibrate or beep as a reminder to take your pill. Purchase for $18.50.

7. MedMinder 

Similar to TabTime, MedMinder is an automated pill box designed for elderly patients who require careful tracking of their pills. Reminders include optional auditory and visual alerts. And if the user doesn’t take a dose, caregivers can be notified through a phone call or text message. This tool also comes with locked pill dispensers and many other customizable options. Fees start at $39.99 per month.