Healthcare defined: HMO

Cropped SingleCare logo By | September 30, 2016

HMO (noun) — a medical insurance group that provides health services for a fixed annual fee.

Let’s start with the biggest question: what does HMO stand for? That answer is simple: Health Maintenance Organization. But what does is it do, exactly?

An HMO is a type of health insurance plan you can pick when signing up for one. An HMO plan gives you access to a network of doctors that, collectively, can meet all your healthcare needs.

Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) will be your go-to doctor for all your basic healthcare needs. Moreover, they will also be responsible for referring you to other, specialized doctors in the event that you need additional care.

For example: imagine you have a pesky skin rash. This problem might be too specific for your PCP, and you may need a dermatologist. But not to worry: this is where your HMO starts to help. Your PCP will find a specialist in the area that can provide the assistance you need. At this point, with the high price of medical treatments, you might be afraid of straying outside of your medical comfort zone. So, how much is a visit to the specialist going to cost?

If you are a part of an HMO plan, you won’t need to worry about the cost of seeing a specialist. The price of the specialists within your network are arranged, so there are no surprise charges. As long as the doctor is a part of your HMO plan, then you’ll know exactly how much you’ll have to pay before you even schedule an appointment. That’s why it is so important to develop a strong relationship with your PCP. Not only are they responsible for monitoring your health, but they can help connect you with an appropriate specialist within your HMO plan.

HMO plans tend to have lower out-of-pocket costs or monthly premiums than other health insurance plans. So, if you’re looking to expand your medical network, and lower your monthly insurance payments, then choosing an HMO could be the right move for you.

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