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Why you should nominate your pharmacy hero

Americans take a lot of prescription medications. Nearly half (48.4%) of people across the U.S. have taken a prescription drug in the past 30 days. Nearly a quarter (24%) take three or more.

Additionally, there is a multi-billion dollar supplement industry in the U.S., which can lead to supplement-drug interactions. Many well-meaning patients are unaware of these risks

In other words, there are a lot of patients who need guidance about a vitamin or Rx—and you, as a pharmacist, play a vital role in that, including identifying potentially life-altering interactions. Pharmacists are invaluable in our healthcare system.

There are some absolutely outstanding pharmacists in our profession. They go above and beyond for their jobs. Then, they give even more: teaching at universities to foster the future of our profession; getting involved in the community to improve the lives of those they serve; or working with medical organizations to aid the underserved.

And the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are really pouring their hearts out for their patients and the profession are often the unsung heroes. They serve with humility; they give to give, without expecting anything in return. But their stories need to be told.

That’s exactly why SingleCare launched the Best of the Best Pharmacist Awards in 2019: to honor those in our profession who aren’t always recognized—to let them know that while they’ve been working, we’ve been noticing. Nominations for the 2020 awards are currently open, and if you are in the industry, it’s important to recognize yourself and your pharmacy!

We all know how hard you’ve been working—this year in particular! Use these pharmacy resources to make your customers aware of the awards and to garner nominations for you and your team. Let your patients know they can nominate you from now until Aug. 6.

As the inaugural recipient of the Most Influential Pharmacist Award, my hope is to use this platform to influence you to give credit where credit is due—even if you aren’t in the field! As a patient, it’s YOUR turn to show your appreciation by nominating your favorite pharmacist, pharmacy technician, and preferred pharmacy location for the Best of the Best Pharmacy Awards 2020! It’s time to honor those true leaders who have been tirelessly on the front lines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s time to give back to your pharmacy team who has given so much: Nominate your favorite today!