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How can I get my prescriptions delivered?

Cropped SingleCare logo By | March 24, 2020

Across the U.S., people are social distancing or self-isolating in their homes to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. You don’t want your parent or elderly neighbor to go without crucial medications while they are stuck inside—and you don’t want them to risk exposure with a trip to the pharmacy.

At SingleCare, we’re here to help during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re offering a new service to help our users get their medications delivered quickly to their homes. 

Instead of calling around to every pharmacy in the neighborhood that might deliver, call us first. Our representatives are standing by to help. 

If you’re already tech savvy, you can help others by reaching out to your more vulnerable friends and family to let them know we’re here to help them get the medication they need delivered quickly and safely.

Contact SingleCare’s pharmacy delivery hotline at 800-222-2818

Our staff will connect with your pharmacy, and walk you through the steps to have your refill brought right to your doorstep. And, as always, SingleCare can help you save up to 80% on your medications. 

You don’t have to navigate this uncertain time alone.