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Save money by switching to a cheaper prescription

Did you know that you can save on prescriptions by switching from one prescription drug to a comparable, equally effective alternative? Many prescription drugs in the marketplace have equivalent options that provide the same medical benefit, with the same quality and efficacy, but at a much lower price. They are made by competing pharmaceutical manufacturers (and sometimes can be found in generic versions as well). 

If your doctor has prescribed one brand of medication, there may be a similar but cheaper prescription available on the market by a different manufacturer. Or, there could be a less expensive generic version. Comparing the prices, then talking to your healthcare provider, can save you a big chunk of cash short-term, and hundreds of dollars over a lifetime.

How do I switch medications?

Your pharmacist can help you identify less expensive brand or generic alternatives when they exist, but your healthcare provider must change your existing prescription for you to get the new medication. You’ll need to speak with your provider about sending a new Rx to the pharmacy.

Don’t let this extra step intimidate you. There’s a simple solution. All you need to do to start saving money is place a call to your doctor’s office to authorize the substitution. It should not take more than one or two minutes. Once your physician approves, ask them to immediately send through a new prescription to your pharmacy of choice. It’s as simple as that.

One caveat, if you still have doses left of the old drug, make sure to either finish it or dispose of it and start the new one. It’s important for you to know the names of both medications so you don’t inadvertently take both drugs. Your provider can instruct you on the best way to transition from the medication, if needed. 

Use this script

You can say something like:

“Hello, Dr. [their name]. This is [your name]. You wrote me a prescription for [Drug A], but I heard that [Cheaper Drug B] is in the same drug class and is as effective for treatment. It is less expensive at my pharmacy. Could you change my prescription from [Drug A] to [Drug B] and send it through to [your preferred pharmacy] as soon as possible?”

Sometimes, doctors do not know about SingleCare and the prescription discounts we offer. If that is the case, you can add:

“The prescription is less expensive at [pharmacy name] with my SingleCare savings card.”

If your doctor wants to know more about SingleCare, they can learn about our discounts and services at

Now, in some cases, swapping medications might lead to a different interaction with a different drug you’re taking. Your pharmacist or doctor can check.

Which drugs can I save on?

While you should always ask your healthcare provider before switching medications, here are some popular prescription drugs to discuss as cheaper alternatives. Click the links below to see how much you can save on either drug with SingleCare discounts.

Ask your pharmacist about both brand and generic options

You can always speak to your doctor or pharmacist to ask about generic or cheaper brand versions of your prescription medication. Always search for your medication on to see which coupons are available (whether you have health insurance or not). Your doctor might also be able to help advise on therapeutic options.