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See how one retiree saves even more with SingleCare

With our prescription savings card, it's easy to pay less for your Rx

I’ve been using the SingleCare card for six months now. I’m retired—I ran a graphics shop for the Army and before that I was a locomotive engineer—and the tiers on my Medicare Part D coverage recently changed. 

For those who don’t know, Medicare Part D is optional extra coverage that helps to offset the cost of prescriptions. In exchange for a monthly premium, the Part D plan reduces the price of most medications. But, certain drugs are not covered.

I went in to get a prescription filled for Lovenox (enoxaparin sodium). It’s a medication used to treat blood clots. The pharmacy told me that even with my Part D plan, the generic was going to be $576. I said, “This is ridiculous!” I checked the GoodRx app, and it was going to be $370. I then checked the SingleCare app, and it was only $270! So, I told the pharmacist, “I want you to run my SingleCare card.” I saved $300. A pull quote about prescription savings

I have a second prescription, Ranolazine ER, which is the generic for Ranexa, to treat chronic angina. That was $101 with my Part D insurance, but only $83 with SingleCare, so I used the card for that as well. Those savings make a big difference when you’re on a fixed income in retirement.

The thing I like most about SingleCare is how easy it is to save. You just put your drug name into the app, and then it gives you a radius around where you live with all the different pharmacies and their prices so you can find the cheapest option.

I’ve recommended SingleCare to my friends, telling them you should always check it when filling a prescription. Over the past six months, I’ve saved more than $600 using SingleCare, so it’s worked out pretty good. I love having all the extra money back in my wallet.

You can get free prescription savings too. Just download the SingleCare app on iOS or Android or search for drug coupons on Think it’s too good to be true? Read more SingleCare reviews on Facebook or TrustPilot.