Staffing the phones to provide the best SingleCare customer service possible

In the SingleCare Spotlight series, we highlight the people who make SingleCare possible. Whether they work to secure the best savings possible with our partner pharmacies or help send you cards through the mail, every employee at our company is focused on helping you save money on prescription medication.

At SingleCare, our attitude is, “Hey, we want you to feel good. We want you to be happy.” When I graduated from college, and learned about how the company is helping people, I knew it was something I had to get on board with. 

I’m a workforce analyst in our Palm Beach Gardens office. My team predicts call volumes, and the number of call center agents we need on the phones at certain times. Our goal is to speak to 80% of customers within 30 seconds. I make sure we hit that goal. I monitor that we have enough coverage—especially after special events like our Martin Sheen commercial launch—and handle time-off, so we can make sure we’re giving our employees the work-life balance they deserve.

When I first started working here, I didn’t have a background in healthcare or insurance. It was a pretty eye-opening experience to find out how many people need help paying for their prescriptions. Customers would call in and say, “I’m looking for this medication. It’s really expensive. I’m on a fixed income. What can you do to help?” Then, I would explain how to use SingleCare to get lower prices. Some people would call in after using a coupon just to tell us how much it means to them, how much it’s helping them, and to say thank you. Prescriptions cost a lot in the U.S., and it’s nice to know that we’re the good guys out there. 

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I told my dad about SingleCare. He was skeptical, but I gave him a card to use next time he picked up a prescription. It turned out that our price was lower than his insurance. Now, months later, he has the app, and looks through the different medications just for fun to see what they would cost with SingleCare. He’s grown into a customer, and even a spokesperson to his friends.

It’s changed my view of the industry, in a good light, to see that some people are working hard to help people afford their medications. That’s one of the best things about SingleCare—we truly care.