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Our all-time favorite SingleCare savings stories

For SingleCare Savings Week, we’re sharing the best savings stories

It’s no secret that prescription prices in the United States are high, and each year too many Americans skip out on the medications that they need because of these skyrocketing costs. Our main mission at SingleCare is to help people in the U.S. afford their prescriptions through our free drug coupons.

Our users see an average savings of $33 per script—for $4 billion in savings total—on over 10,000 different Rx. We’re so passionate about helping our customers save money that we designated this week SingleCare Savings Week—a special yearly event dedicated to everything savings-related. 

To celebrate, we’re sharing our six favorite prescription savings stories of all time….

Great company to work with. Had a really expensive medication and used the card to get it for $17 instead of paying $500.

Insurance refused to cover a common device and you came through and even knocked a penny off the price of what the insurance used to pay.

You saved us about half of the price of a medication that Medicare does not cover. It amounted to saving about $250.

Wow the script was $239 and I only paid $11.89. Amazing! Thanks, SingleCare.

Your prices are terrific. I don’t understand how you can offer prescriptions for less than I would have to pay with my insurance. Makes no sense, but I love it.

I am truly overwhelmed with the money I saved with SingleCare. I ended up paying $14 on a prescription that the pharmacy was going to charge me almost $80 for. I will definitely use SingleCare all the time.

If these customer savings stories have inspired you to try SingleCareit’s easy! Just follow these 3 steps. 

  1. Download our app (available for both iOS or Android) or visit our website
  2. Search for your prescription—making sure to adjust for quantity, dosage and zip code. 
  3. Either print, email or text yourself a coupon and bring it with you when you pick up your Rx. 

And if you are already a SingleCare customer we would love to hear from you!  Tell us about your experience and leave a SingleCare review on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TrustPilot pages—and follow along for the rest of SingleCare Savings Week. Or, you can reach our call center at 1-844-234-3057.