The best SingleCare saving stories of 2019

Cropped SingleCare logo By | December 12, 2019

The year is coming to an end, and a new decade is right around the corner. Nevertheless, SingleCare’s goals will remain the same in 2020: feel good prices to make you feel better!  

We’re happy to say that we’re helping millions save billions on their prescriptions—and nothing makes us happier than hearing your SingleCare savings card stories. Here are some of our favorite SingleCare reviews from this past year:

Saved about $55 on a $74 prescription at Rite Aid. My insurance wouldn’t even cover the medication. This card works. Shop around, that’s what I did. Made several phone calls and saved a bundle. Thanks SingleCare!” —Marge K.H.

“It works!!! I just used the discount card at Walmart. My Retin-A Micro 20g tube cash price (my insurance wouldn’t cover any of it) was $295. Price with Singlecare discount card $155!!! Ding ding ding!!! We have a winner!!! Thank you for giving me this discount card 😃😃😃😃” —Tressie T.

I am so happy I came across your website. I paid $335 for 2 prescriptions (one for my daughter and one for my son) I went back to the pharmacy with your savings card and the pharmacist was kind enough to refund the difference, my total after the refund…$40.73!!! Thank you so much. I will never pick up another prescription without checking you guys first!!!” —Melissa G.

“Walmart wanted $139 for generic Tamiflu, with this website I got it for $29.99!!! This is NOT a site to rip you off, it really saved me since I have the flu!!! Highly recommend!!!! Anybody who says different is telling you a lie!!!” —Joe M.

“Recently my husband picked up a cholesterol medicine at Walmart paid $92.00. I was shocked & decided there had to be another way to save. I did some researching on the web & found SingleCare took unopened bag of prescription back to Walmart w/ coupon I got online & rcv’d a substantial refund. I only paid $20.” —Linda L.

“SingleCare used it at Walmart yesterday. It worked great…..saved over 300. Thanks to SingleCare.☺I didn’t believe it and was very skeptical but I am a believer now. We live on a fixed income and the savings was indeed a blessing.” —Barbara C.

“Used this at a Target CVS pharmacy today for Amlodipine. Priced at $255. With this card it was only $27!! I have Medicare…so you are able to use this card with Medicare part A and B… Thank You!” —Cathy A.S.

“Yesterday I went to CVS. I was told my prescription cost $129. I declined to take it. I went home and got on the SingleCare site and downloaded a card. I went back to the same pharmacy (about an hour later) with a screenshot of my card and picked up the same exact prescription for $12.69. While I was thrilled with the difference, I am furious that there are people who would have unknowingly paid that first price.” Barbara M.G., November 2019

2019 was a good year for SingleCare, which means it was for you as well: We launched our Drug Basket, which makes it easier than ever to save your prescriptions so you have them easily available in your basket for the next time you go to the pharmacy to pick up your medications (or even for the whole family!). We also rolled out our Best of the Best Pharmacy Awards, which highlighted pharmacists and pharmacy technicians around the country who help you save.

Whether you found a good coupon for yourself, someone in your family, or your friends, we hope you’ll continue to share your stories with us. Find more SingleCare reviews on Facebook and Trustpilot.