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Designing a better SingleCare experience for customers

Avatar By | November 8, 2019

In the SingleCare Spotlight series, we highlight the people who make SingleCare possible. Whether they work to secure the best savings possible with our partner pharmacies or help send you cards through the mail, every employee at our company is focused on helping you save money on prescription medication.

I’m from Stockholm, Sweden, so I grew up with free health and dental care. I took it for granted until I came to the United States; health insurance is so difficult to understand in this country. Before SingleCare, I did consulting work for a couple other healthcare companies, and it opened my eyes to the whole world of the insured, under-insured, and uninsured. SingleCare’s mission of providing lower-cost prescription drugs to everyone, regardless of insurance status, was very powerful to me.  

As the head of design UI/UX, I am responsible for making sure that SingleCare’s desktop and mobile sites provide the best consumer experience. Everything we design—from the prescription lookup tool to the About Us page—has the user in mind: I think about how SingleCare customers will interact with our website and how we can improve every single click. Each element on the screen is thought-out. Believe it or not, there’s a rationale behind any single button, what it says, and what color it is.  

This month, we launched the redesigned SingleCare website. Our new design approach has a lot more personality, including a new color palette. We leveraged user research, talked with our contact center, read customer comments, and scanned Trustpilot reviews to make sure we were responding to user feedback. We enabled a few new features that facilitate a better download of the card, and better access to prescription drug information. 

The SingleCare card is for everyone, of all ages, so we’ve taken all demographic groups into consideration. We want our design to be just as accommodating and intuitive for someone who’s 30 as someone who’s 70. Accessibility is so important for us.

Ultimately, our goal for the redesigned website is to make customer’s lives easier and more enjoyable by finding savings on our site and through our products.