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Best of the Rest: Your favorite pharmacy stories

During the month of October, American Pharmacists Month, we’re honoring pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. For our Best of the Best Pharmacy awards, we asked about your favorite pharmacists—and you told us! 

We had an overwhelming amount of submissions; each one full of heartwarming and compelling stories. We were only able to choose a handful of those for our Best of the Best winners, but we loved hearing about your neighborhood pharmacies, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians. 

These are the stories about the people and places who go above and beyond to make sure the customer is getting the best savings, education, and service possible. You can learn more about the winners here, but we wanted to give you a peek at a few other nominations. These were some of our other favorite:

A nomination for the CVS in Fall River, Massachusetts:
“The staff have gone above and beyond to assist with prescription savings. They help to find over-the-counter substitutions when insurance didn’t cover the cost, in addition to providing important drug information all while maintaining customer privacy and support whenever needed.”

A nomination for a pharmacist at Hopewell Drugstore in Hopewell Junction, New York:
“When we had a bad storm in the area, which knocked out electric and heat, he offered for everyone to come in and charge their phones, warm up, watch TV, and had food for everyone. He always lends a helping hand when needed and any time I walk into the pharmacy, I am offered something to drink or snack on.”

A nomination for a pharmacist at Kroger in Florence, Kentucky:
“He is very knowledgeable and explains and listens well. He graciously refigured the amount we were charged for a prescription because we didn’t feel it was correct. He called insurance… and got us a better price. Always friendly and helpful.” 

A nomination for Gilchrist Pharmacy in Hartselle, Alabama:
“On more than one occasion the pharmacists at Gilchrist Pharmacy have worked with my doctor and my insurance to help me get the medications I need at a copay I can afford. I have always felt that they have gone above and beyond to make sure I get what I need. All the pharmacists and staff are incredibly polite and genuinely caring people.”

A nomination for a pharmacist at Walgreens in St. Louis, Missouri:
“She has been my pharmacist for six years. After surgery, my Medicaid did not want to cover Vicoprofen. She called Medicaid and was very persistent. They had just covered a very expensive surgery but did not want to cover a medication that was $45. She is a phenomenal pharmacist and cares very much about the people she serves.”

A nomination for a pharmacist at Big Y Pharmacy in Worcester, Massachusetts:
“Our daughter was being discharged from the hospital after an eight-hour neurosurgery. We needed her medication late on a Saturday afternoon. He saved the day and had it ready as soon as we got home.”

A nomination for pharmacists at H-E-B in Cypress, Texas:
“He is an absolutely amazing pharmacist! I have a thyroid autoimmune condition and have sensitivity to many generic medications. Kevin does his best to special order the generic prescriptions that I tolerate best. He also takes time to explain everything, and he always addresses me by my name. Another pharmacist at H-E-B also goes above and beyond. She is generous with her time even when she’s busy. She makes me feel like I am her only customer.”

A nomination for a pharmacist at Walgreens in Durham, North Carolina:
“Edmund always takes time to describe proper usage of drugs; always checks for possible interaction with other prescribed medications; and is always courteous and welcoming to his branch of Walgreens.”

A nomination for a pharmacist at Corona Specialty Compounding Pharmacy in Corona, California:
“She helps anyone who asks! She does YouTube videos and Facebook messages for her family and friends to educate them. She takes calls to help you understand your questions about medication and carefully shares knowledge. She has been doing this since her teen years as a pharmacy tech!”

A nomination for a pharmacist at CVS in Washington, DC:
“She is always pleasant, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to problem solve. I have received flu shots from her, and she is patient with an excellent bedside manner. Any time I fill a prescription, she is organized and informed of the necessary information. She is an all around excellent pharmacist, and I would recommend her to anyone.”

A nomination for pharmacists at Garner Family Pharmacy in Garner, North Carolina:
“My insurance company denied my coverage for a medication I needed. Garner Family Pharmacy reached out to my doctor and assisted in filing an appeal. They continuously worked behind the scenes to check on it, contacting both my doctor and insurance company and kept me in the loop. They even gave me information on where to go to get the medications cheaper and offered discount codes. They always call to ensure that you what the medication and give you prices before filling the script. They work fervently with the doctors to make sure that medications are affordable for the clients.”

A nomination for Tinley Park Apothecary in Tinley Park, Illinois:
“They always go above and beyond! If there is some kind of discrepancy about one or more of my prescriptions they call my insurance and get it solved. Last fall I was out of work and had no insurance and was struggling to make ends meet. For four to six months they got me the very lowest price that they could. They even had me pay at their cost, and took a hit for me. Most awesomest pharmacy and pharmacists ever—all of them that work there!”

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