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SingleCare savings are now available at Tops Markets

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with your neighborhood friendly markets

When the first supermarket in this chain opened in the ‘60s, “tops” was lingo for the best, and that’s the customer experience your friendly local Tops Markets has been striving for ever since. As a full service grocery retailer in upstate New York, northern Pennsylvania, and Vermont, they pride themselves on convenience, freshness, variety, commitment to the community and your health, as well as finding more ways for you to save. 

Now, thanks to a new partnership with SingleCare, those savings extend to the pharmacy department. You can save up to 80% on all of your Tops pharmacy prescription refills at any one of Tops’ 169 stores. 

Never used a prescription discount card before? Don’t worry! There are just three easy steps to save on Tops pharmacy prices:

    1. Search for your medication on
    2. Find the Tops pharmacy coupon.
    3. Show it to your Tops Markets pharmacist.

You can text, print, or email the coupon to yourself to use at Tops Markets pharmacy—or even download the SingleCare app on the App Store or on Google Play

If it’s your first time using SingleCare, you’ll save an extra $5 when you sign up for an account, and then earn $1 of Bonus Savings toward future prescriptions on every eligible fill. There are no strings attached, just savings!