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How much is zolpidem tartrate (Ambien) without insurance?

The generic version of Ambien, zolpidem tartrate, costs $89 without insurance. Learn how to get zolpidem tartrate at a lower price, or find cheaper alternatives.

Is zolpidem tartrate covered by insurance? | How much does zolpidem tartrate cost without insurance? | How to get zolpidem tartrate without insurance

Available by prescription only, zolpidem is a generic sedative approved by the FDA for the treatment of insomnia. As a controlled substance that has a risk of drug abuse, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms, zolpidem is meant to be prescribed at the lowest effective dose for the short-term treatment of transient insomnia. More popularly known by its brand name, Ambien, zolpidem is usually taken as an immediate-release or extended-release tablet right before bedtime. Generic zolpidem is a moderately priced drug usually prescribed for only a few weeks. That means a zolpidem prescription is usually not an ongoing expense. Still, there are ways to dramatically reduce the cost of health insurance.

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What is the brand name for zolpidem tartrate?

Zolpidem tartrate is better known by its original brand-name versions, Ambien and Ambien CR. These are both about 10 times the price of generic zolpidem or zolpidem ER. However, don’t panic if a healthcare provider writes out a prescription for Ambien. The pharmacist is likely to fill it with lower-priced generic Ambien unless the prescriber indicates that substitution is not allowed. Zolpimist, another brand-name version of zolpidem, is a cherry-flavored oral spray administered with a metered device. It’s intended for people who may have difficulty swallowing a tablet. A 30-day supply of Zolpimist is about 10 times the price of the equivalent dosage of generic zolpidem tablets.  Discontinued zolpidem brands include Edluar and Intermezzo.

Is zolpidem tartrate covered by insurance?

People with health insurance and Medicare Part D drug coverage can expect to have a zolpidem prescription covered by their insurance plan. Insurance plans usually limit their coverage to immediate-release zolpidem, but some plans cover extended-release tablets as well as brand-name Zolpimist. Insurance companies usually don’t put zolpidem in their lowest copay tier, but one tier higher. So expect to pay more out-of-pocket than for other commonly prescribed generic drugs. Restrictions such as prior authorization, quantity limits, or mail order only are possible. One example of a limitation can be that a plan may only cover one 90 day supply  in a calendar year. The reasoning provided by the payor for these limitations is typically related to the drug only being approved for short-term use..

How much does zolpidem tartrate cost without insurance?

Without insurance, a 30-day supply of generic zolpidem will cost about $90 at full retail price. That will purchase 30, 10 mg tablets, or one tablet per night at the highest dose. The average cost per tablet works out to about $3. Zolpidem is intended for short-term treatment, so the expense shouldn’t go on for months at a time.

Switching to a sleeping pill similar to zolpidem will not save money. Zolpidem is a non-benzodiazepine receptor modulator. It has many of the same effects as a benzodiazepine like Valium (diazepam) or Xanax (alprazolam) but with fewer side effects and risky drug interactions. Prescription medications related to zolpidem include generic Sonata (zaleplon) and Lunesta (eszopiclone). Both have higher retail prices than zolpidem.

The only cheaper treatment options are benzodiazepines. These include diazepam (about $16 for a 30-day supply) or lorazepam (about $25 for a 30-day supply). However, benzodiazepines are more likely to have common side effects like daytime drowsiness, breathing problems, or sleep apnea. They are preferable to zolpidem as a sedative-hypnotic if certain zolpidem side effects are experienced, such as sleepwalking.

There are over-the-counter sleep aids and supplements that are safer and less expensive than zolpidem or other sleep-inducing prescription medications. Their active ingredients may help relieve insomnia in some people, but ask a healthcare provider for medical advice first. If you find that you are using sleep aids almost every night in order to get sleep, be sure to check in with your doctor or pharmacist.

The cheapest option is to use a SingleCare savings card when purchasing zolpidem at a participating pharmacy. The lowest SingleCare discount price for 30, 10 mg tablets of generic zolpidem is $3, about 10 cents per tablet.

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Compare Ambien (zolpidem tartrate) prices to related drugs

Drug name Price without insurance of brand-name drug  SingleCare price Savings options
Zolpidem tartrate $89 per 30, 10 mg tablets $3 per 30, 10 mg tablets of generic zolpidem tartrate See latest prices
Zolpidem tartrate ER $170 per 30, 12.5 mg tablets $4 per 30, 12.5 mg tablets of generic zolpidem tartrate ER See latest prices
Zaleplon $97 per 30, 10 mg tablets $8 per 30, 10 mg tablets of generic zaleplon See latest prices
Eszopiclone $340 per 30, 3 mg tablets $5 per 30, 3 mg tablets of generic eszopiclone See latest prices
Dayvigo $400 per 30, 10 mg tablets $322 per 30, 10 mg tablets of brand-name Dayvigo See latest prices
Temazepam $36 per 30, 30 mg capsules $TK 30, 30 mg capsules of generic temazepam  See latest prices

Prescription drug prices often change. These are the most accurate medication prices at the time of publishing. The listed price without insurance references the price of brand-name drugs (unless otherwise specified). The listed SingleCare price references the price of generic drugs if available. Click the link under “Savings options” to see the latest drug prices.

How to get zolpidem tartrate without insurance

Zolpidem tartrate is a moderately-priced drug. Four weeks of treatment will cost about $90. However, there are ways to dramatically reduce the cost. People without insurance can sometimes turn to patient assistance programs or manufacturer coupons, but those are rarely offered for generic drugs. The quickest way to find discount prices on zolpidem is by visiting SingleCare’s zolpidem tartrate free coupons page.

1. Use a SingleCare prescription discount card

With a SingleCare discount card, the cash price for 30 days of zolpidem could be as low as $3. Sign up with SingleCare now to receive an additional five dollars off of a first purchase and to earn extra bonus dollars by filling prescriptions. Discount prices will vary by participating pharmacies.  

2. Compare prices

The lowest price for a 30-day supply of zolpidem is more than $30 less than the average pharmacy price. When comparing pharmacy prices, SingleCare’s zolpidem tartrate coupons page is a good place to discover lower prices for a zolpidem prescription. The best part is you can do this comparison right from your phone or computer instead of driving from pharmacy to pharmacy.

3. Ask the prescriber about other treatment options

Other insomnia treatments may be more affordable. The most common are benzodiazepines like Xanax (alprazolam). These drugs are more likely to have unpleasant side effects and may not be appropriate for people with certain medical conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea. Benzodiazepines are also controlled substances, like zolpidem. There are non-controlled prescription medications which may also be effective. Ask the prescriber for medical advice before switching.

4. Find out if you’re eligible for Medicaid

The lowest SingleCare price for a 30-day supply of zolpidem is $3. The only cheaper option may be Medicaid, but some Medicaid plans may not cover zolpidem. The eligibility requirements can be found on each state’s Medicaid website.


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