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Can I save on medication for my pets?

You love your pet, just like you love the human members of your family. And that means when your four-legged companion gets sick, you want to help as much as you can. Pet insurance exists, but it’s not the norm. Without it, veterinary care can be expensive. Luckily, SingleCare is here to help make pet medications more affordable.

That’s right, you can use SingleCare to save up to 80% for pet prescriptions—as long as they are human medications, too. Most medications that you would pick up at your regular pharmacy are eligible for savings when you bring your pet Rx coupon (or the SingleCare app) to the counter.

SingleCare medical review board member Emma Ryan, DVM, an emergency medicine veterinarian, compiled a list of the top 45 human medications that are most commonly prescribed to treat pets, categorized by the condition they usually help.


Just like their owners, pets sometimes get bacterial infections and need a medication to help eliminate it—and just like humans, these pet meds should only be used when necessary to prevent antibiotic resistance and other side effects. Your dog or cat might need one of the following medications after surgery, or for something as simple as a urinary tract infection.


Prescriptions in this category, also known as anticonvulsants, treat seizure disorders in cats and dogs, like epilepsy.


This category commonly treats skin infections for pets like dermatitis.


Some pets experience a lot of stress in certain situations. It’s commonly triggered by fear of loud noises (like during thunderstorms or fireworks) or separation when you’re at work. These medications can help alleviate anxiety in pets—especially if it’s leading to behavioral issues or injury.

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Dogs and cats can have high blood pressure or heart conditions, similar to those in humans. These medications can help to stabilize these diseases and improve your pet’s life.

Eye medications

Your pet may need one of these eye medications because of foreign debris (read: your dog kicked dirt or sand into his own face while digging a hole) or because of an infection like conjunctivitis.


It’s heartbreaking to see your pets suffer. Whether it’s needed while recovering from surgery, a fight with another animal, or a sprain playing frisbee—human medication has its place in alleviating pet pain.

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Your dog could have hypothyroidism. Or, your cat could have hyperthyroidism. No matter the issue, these prescriptions can help restore your pet’s hormone balance. 


This category encompasses medications that pets might need for other chronic conditions like asthma, allergies, arthritis, or diabetes. 


Keep in mind, it’s never safe to share medications with your pet without explicit instructions from your veterinarian. That’s true for the prescriptions above, and for over-the-counter treatments you can buy at your local pharmacy. Your vet might suggest one of the following for allergies or digestive issues, but don’t try to give them to your pet without their recommendation first.

If the treatment your pet needs isn’t on the list, search for it at You can save on most FDA-approved human medications using our coupons. 

If you ever have questions about what’s included, we’re always here to help. You can call customer support at 844-234-3057. If your pharmacists need help applying your savings, they can call pharmacist support at 800-974-3135. Or, send us a message on Facebook.